How to Quilt With a Regular Sewing Machine

quilting on a regular machine

Advice On How To Quilt With A Regular Sewing Machine

Quilting with a machine can be very tricky particularly when you are starting out and have a regular sewing machine.  There are many people who wonder if it is possible to quilt with a regular sewing machine.  While it is possible to quilt with a regular sewing machine, you need to know how and look at some advice on getting started. Check out the best sewing machines for quilting on Verycozyhome’s tutorials and reviews if you’d rather get a specialized one.

Start Off Small

Quilting can be very exciting, but you need to remain calm and start small.  The quilt that you start with should be between 36 and 50 inches.  It is important that you choose the right size quilt to use with your regular sewing machine.  You need to have a good amount of fabric in each hand when you use the machine and the quilt should not be very heavy.

Drop The Feed dogs

Regular sewing machines will have feeddogs which are small teeth on the bottom plate which feed the fabric you are working on to the needle.  You do not want these to be moving when you quilt because it will impair your control of the material.  If the feeddogs do not drop on your machine, you should be able to turn their setting to zero which means that they will not be moving at all.  This will generally be the same setting you use when putting on a button.

Start With A Simple Design

In order to get used to using your regular sewing machine for quilting, you need to start with a simple design.  Using the meandor would be the best option when using your regular sewing machine.  This design is easy and quick which will help you gain confidence in the use of the machine and work out any issues that you might have.  You will also be able to learn how to move the fabric and stitch length.

Pin Everything Down

It is recommended that before you start quilting anything you plan it out.  You should lay the piece flat and pin them down.  If you do not want to take the safety pin route, you could use fusible batting which you lay down and iron into place.  Many people find that this is better than using pins because you do not have to take the time to unpin everything.  The batting will also add some stiffness to the fabric which makes it easier to handle in a regular sewing machine.

Do Not Use Solid Colors

The quilt that you are looking to make may involve a lot of solid colors.  While this could offer a great look, you need to avoid this when you start machine quilting.  Busy fabrics do not show your mistakes which is something that solid colors do.  As you are still getting used to using a machine for quilting, you are going to make mistakes and you do not want everyone to see this.

It is possible to quilt with a regular sewing machine, but you need to take the time to learn how.  If you are able to afford one or find a good deal, you should consider investing in a quilting machine.