Recommending Some Quilting Books

Like most  quilters——I love quilting.  I don’t know about you but I get so inspired looking at a new quilting book that I just have to have it.  I am sure I could sew and quilt for the rest of my life, never use the same pattern twice, and not use all the ideas in the books I own.

But our taste change, our lifestyle changes, our family grows up,  and they have their own families.  The need for new quilts and new patterns is never ending.

So, I thought I show you a couple of the new books I bought in March.

Book  #1  Cherished Quilts for Babies and Kids by Better Homes and Garden

You all know that I love to make baby quilts, and most of mine go to the hospital and are very simple quilts.  Sometimes I want to make something a little more elaborate but still not a lot of detail or too cutesy.  I am definitely not into cutesy.

I like this book because it is not just baby quilts, but quilts for tweens and teens also.

Book #2  Scrap-Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett

This book uses all 2 1/2″ strips, so it  is Jelly Roll Friendly or  use all scraps, which is what I plan to do.  There is one simple quilt pattern that caught my eye call Feed Sacks

.  They used 30’s and since I have so many 30’s in my stash I thought this might be a good way to use some.  It might even look good as a baby quilt.

Notice the price on this book——–I found it at Half Price Books, it probably has a blemish or ink spot but I haven’t found anything wrong.  I checked Amazon and they are still selling it for $24.99, I paid $5.98.

Book #3  The Little Box of Baby Quilts by Jenny Wilding Cardon

Book #3 isn’t a book at all but a collection of cards each one with a different pattern.  This has been out for quite a while and I have seen it other places on sale. Price at Half Price Books $3.98.

Book #4  Simply Chenille Baby Quilts by Bonnie Olaveson

This book my quilting friend Cynthia gave to me when she was purging some of her patterns and quilt books.  I like adding a little chenille to my baby quilts to give a soft touch.  Written by Bonnie in 2002, the patterns in this book are timeless.

Book #5  Me—-The me I want to be by John Ortberg

This book is being used in the sermon series at our church and Bud and I are following along week by week.  Wonderful book and an insightful sermon series.

Hope you got some new books or even better traded books with friends.

Enjoy the pieces of your life

Betty Lou